Healthcare messaging for everyone

Digital health platform for every family

We have designed a platform to make healthcare technology accessible to all, particularly those in underserved communities. Our mobile solution allows patients to easily link together everyone in their care network and communicate with their providers in a simple, clear and jargon-free way using text messages, pictures and video.


Our systems has been developed to provide the familiar experience of a messaging platform. Think Facebook Messenger for healthcare.


Our mobile platform allows patients to easily link with their healthcare providers and securely share health information with their family and caregivers.


The platform works with all certified Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems and enables free flow of health data in a HIPAA compliant manner.

“Their [Tell Health] platform is perfectly suited to both our needs and those of the community we serve”

–Roseland Community Hospital CEO

“I have tried several other communication tools, but none is as easy and efficient as Tell Health”

–Associate Professor, Northwestern University Medical School

“I really like the way this addresses the human side of being in hospital”

–ICU Nurse

“the Tell Health app is easy and comforting”